Monday, July 27, 2009

more Fists of the Crimson variety

EDIT: Forgot to mention I broke my baby toe Sunday before last, hence all the painting time ;)

Keeping focused while I still didn't have any glazing putty for my raptors jump packs, I decided to keep going with some Crimson Fist termies, since they were undercoated. They are just the basic AoBR termies, though I love the big Crimson power fists. I also decided I'm going to give all the vets white helmets as well. Just to look a little different than lots of the Crimson Fists armies I've seen. Should look good with a bunch of Sternguard.

First 1000 points will consist of tactical, termies & dread from AoBR, pedro kantor & 9 sternguard with 2 heavy flamers & 2 combi-meltas and a couple rhinos.

Without further ado... the termies
Will probably add some heraldry to the shields once the first 1000 points are painted to tabletop standard.


Cawshis Clay said...

Helluva white helmets! I love the look. I'm considering using white for my Command squads and now I'm sold.

Nicely done, Battle Brother! So many Crimson Fists on the web now. :)

Tristan M said...

Hence my decision on the white helmets. Only seen it on one other CF army and it sold me immediately!

eriochrome said...

Looking good. Do you have a list for that 1K points or is it just the starting point for the bigger army. Pedro seems pretty pricey for 1K especially with termis and sternguard. Not enough points for 2 tac squads really then.

Tristan M said...

The 1K is just a starting point, though I have a list. Definitely thinking of more tacs, sternguard and probably a dev squad with 4 heavy bolters. Just an excuse to get my Pedro painted ;)

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