Sunday, July 5, 2009

Necromunda @ 2HD... Day 5

Got in to 2HD on Friday, managed to squeeze a game of Necromunda in before I had to bounce. Played a straight up gang fight (again!) against Josh using my Escher gang. In the end I won, because Josh simply decided to Bottle. I'd taken three of his gangers and his leader out of action, his heavy was out of ammo and he'd split up his gang, so I took them on piecemeal. I think this is why I end up winning Gang Fights, because with their whole gang my opponents split up their gang (as opposed to keeping the few you might get in a raid/ambush/etc. all together) with my high movement I can trick them by deploying in one area and then quickly scampering all together in a single direction to take on a single group of gangers. If he'd deployed all together I don't think the results would have been so pretty, as it was most of his gang were not in a position to influence the game for many turns.

Due to the difference in gang rating, I got a fair amount of experience out of it, but only two advances. I actually ended up rolling skills my spyrers couldn't use so we house ruled I could roll again. Ended up with Disarm for my Orrus (can you say buh-bye Heavy Plasma Gun ;) ) and my Yeld can now Rapid Fire his Laser Gauntlets. Also managed to capture one of Josh's gangers so now I have one each of Ian/Josh's gang members, though Ian (using the new enforcer rules) has essentially replaced him (for free??) so not sure if we'll bother doing a rescue mission.

Karl & Ian were having a gang fight as I was leaving, not sure of the final result, though both seemed to be giving as good as they got. Hopefully next week can get more than a single game in.

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