Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First "Complete" project!! Spyrers

I've been quite busy recently, to be fair it's mostly been partying so I can't really complain. However I've managed to finish up my Spyrers I'd been painting at 2HD. Brought them home to finish up the details. I put complete in quotes because I'm not considering building a matriarch or patriarch models, but you know how it goes.. you never know!

Without further ado.. the pics. I used some different techniques on these minis. Let me know what you think. (ps. I'm still ahead of the game, 72.4% of points complete in 68.8% of days used)

Norah the Jakara

Ferdinand and Reginald the Malcadons

Gilbert the Orrus

Maximilian the Yeld


KRUG said...

Nice looking Spyrers, really like the Orrus the best though. Keep the updates flowing!

jabberjabber said...

The Yeld is looking very cool! Great job!

Mik said...

Always liked the Spyrers, nice looking Malcadons!

Tristan said...

Thanks guys, I love how you each liked a different spyrer best :) My faves are the malcadons, with the yeld a close second. Not surprised the jakara hasn't received a mention yet as she's my least fave.

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