Sunday, September 20, 2009

WHQ - new character painted

I've been finding it enjoyable to just take a single miniature lately and get it painted. I picked the Witch Hunter to do next for Warhammer Quest as it was simple - one sculpt, no super glue or pinning required. I decided to paint him in mostly neutral colours, to try and make him look somber and serious. I used some limited red to try and enhance this effect (do you think it worked?). I also tried to do some basic object lighting coming from the torch, hopefully you can see it in the pictures.

ps. Hopefully these are the last of the lower quality pics as I'm picking up a new digicam for our trip to Europe next week.


jabberjabber said...

One miniature at a time can be very time consuming, but I think its worthwhile. The limited red that you used works (in my humble opinion) - nice job!

oni said...

Nice job, I think the flames are well done.

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