Saturday, September 19, 2009

New LGS - Heavy Support Games

Checked out a new hobby store that opened up on the Queensway this afternoon, Heavy Support Games. I missed their grand opening last week through pure laziness and also a desire to save $$ (figured skipping the opening day deals was a good idea)

I played a quick game of Space Hulk with the owner Matt. Mission 3, as 'stealers and got smoked, though I managed to take down his TH termie pretty quickly.

Then I got a big 1,850 game in against a nice guy named Greg. We had some time so he actually took a battle report. It was table edges, seize ground with 5 objectives. We tied because I forgot he had a squad in his razorback, and should've contested the objective with my predator. Was such an amazing game, all kinds of crazy stuff happened. To be honest I'd say luck was definitely more on my side. I'll get the batrep up here soon.

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