Sunday, September 13, 2009

first mordheim warband pics

Took some pics of one of my Mordheim warbands today (Talabheim, so I could use various warbands). I put these guys together to test out painting techniques for bone cloth (my human blood bowl team will be painted similarly, halved instead of quartered red/bone) and they could probably use a wash of devlan mud or maybe paint on some dip. At this point I think I've decided to dip the blood bowl team anyways, so I might as well test the one I have on these guys as it's probably too dark.

Decidedly tabletop quality paint job. The bases are really what make them look decent. I started off with 2 each of crossbows, halberds, handguns, spears and swords. After a few games, I realized I preferred the spears over halberds and crossbows over handguns. So I built 3 more of each, figuring at least I can use the halberds/handguns if I end up getting some for free. I've also drilled holes in arms and backs and I have about 17 shields and a crossbow/handgun on pins to customize their equipment a little. I should've been more careful about the heads as I would probably never equip ranged troops with helmets, but oh well.

Then I put together a couple heroes and a marksmen armed with a long rifle (not that I ever see myself affording the 200gp monster, but I figured the box came with a long rifle so I might as well build one)
I've got models for 5 archers (plastic brets I can convert), a metal halberdier, 2 metal handgunners (all three gifted to me), a captain with pistol and metal sword and a couple spare bodies I might just make a couple more swordsmen out of - maybe with two swords each. That should give me an excellent selection of units, now to find some willing opponents!

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