Sunday, March 7, 2010

Naggaroth Blood Bowl League

Today was the kickoff event for a new blood bowl league (NBBL) running out of GW Yonge & Lawrence. It seems extremely promising as Christian the guy running it was really organized and I'm hoping this builds a solid following.

Showed up early with Mike and grabbed some tims while we waited. Even though we randomly rolled dice, Mike and I ended up playing each other first. We ended up playing in Naggarond - which meant fouls, chainsaws and crowd casualties would give SPP.

Early in the game things were kind of stalled, with my ghouls hanging back as we traded ineffective blows - then I was forced to run the ghouls up the left side where I'd been able to make some movement. That's when things started falling apart on Mikes rotters, it seemed I was penetrating armour every time, and causing a lot of casualties (5 in total this game, including 2 deaths - decay can really burn you). I got my two ghouls down to his end-zone and kept his team knocked down so I got a couple extra turns of stomping in, then finally scored on turn 7 (giving me two chances before the next half to get my knocked out zombie back).
Second half Mike could only field 8 guys to my 10. I kicked off 3 times to him and each time he had trouble holding the ball and I quickly got my ghouls up to cause problems, forced a turnover and scored, the ghouls racking up the SPP.

Second game was against Chris and his orc team. He only had a few guys painted so I had a bonus 9 to my fan factor temporarily for this game, first time I ever managed to have 2 FAME.
I won the dice-off for sides and picked receive again. The orcs being much tougher than rotters I could not penetrate armour if my life depended on it. Chris blitzed the ball and got it within 5 squares of my endzone with his blitzer, but two of my ghouls knocked him down and tried to protect the ball. Luck was with me though as my ghoul managed to dodge in, grab the ball, dodge out, swing wide and hit a perfect long pass to my wight, who caught it with a tackle zone on him and blitzed his way down-field to score. Second half became a total scrum on the right side, I managed to cause a single casualty. Our game ended a little early as the store closed.

I'll take it! Two games and two wins. I brought my camera but didn't take any pictures - they have a sweet custom board made - I'll make sure to get some pics next time.


eriochrome said...

Sounds like things went well for you. I am struggling this season in my league with a Chaos team 1 loss and 1 tie with another likely loss coming on Friday.

Tristan said...

Definitely went well - I've been able to buy two more ghouls and I should have gotten a free zombie but forgot (actually 2 but I only have 1 more zombie model)

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