Monday, March 15, 2010

NBBL - friday & sunday

After a quick game of 40K at Two Headed Dragon on Friday I nipped down to GW Yonge & Lawrence to try and squeeze in a game of Blood Bowl for the NBBL league. Christian and Chris' game went into OT so I thought I was out of luck but fortunately for me we were able to borrow a board/templates and I played a game vs. Christian at the Gabby's next door. It's been too long to remember much of the game, but some highlights were; Christian causing 6 casualties, a mummy making an interception, Christian's thrower Ramos failing spectacularly and the match resulted in a 1-1 tie, with us too tired to go to OT.

Then Sunday I headed back up for the "league day". Unfortunately for me - a combination of forgetting DST and my printer sucking caused me to be about 15 minutes late - and only 5 people showed up, which meant I once again was forced to wait for an opponent - that opponent ending up being Christian again (the elf guy wussed out) and Christian smoking my hurting team 3-1. It was close, and I think I jumped the gun to score my tying touchdown - I should've let him continue to try and knock down my wight who was camped between a zombie and a skeleton one square away from his endzone. As a result Christian had two turns to tie the game, which became 3 turns when we had a riot invade the pitch.

After a couple games of ass kicking, a couple games of asses kicked. Hopefully I can turn this around with a couple games this week.

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