Sunday, March 28, 2010

NBBL - sunday

Showed up at GW Yonge/Lawrence again yesterday for some more blood bowl in the NBBL league. Made sure I was there before it opened at noon so I'd be able to get in an immediate match - waiting around for an opponent sucks!

Game 1 was against Matthew, probably the highest value team in the league - I had 450k worth of enducements. I was unfortunate not to score a touchdown with my teleporting ghoul (overshot by one square into the crowd instead of the endzone), but still came away from the loss with something, as giving the "tackling machine" random event to my second mummy ensured he came away with a couple casualties, getting him a new skill (Piling On - I just wanna hurt people).

Game 2 was against Wes and his Ogre team. This was a hilarious game as I learned about the Ogre team (loving the 3 dice blocks against a gnoblar!). Unfortunately I wasn't really able to capitalize on causing injuries. I was able to keep pretty strong control of the game though. I managed to hold Wes scoreless (he's yet to score in the league) and score twice myself. His first chance I literally surrounded his gnoblar except for one square (damn side step!) and ended up knocking him out anyways. His second chance came after a touch-back and he gave the ball to an ogre, he got halfway to the endzone before I frenzy pushed him into the stands. Probably the funniest thing in this game had to be his super bonehead. 3 turns in a row his ogre is stupid, he pulls himself together to stand up, only to go stupid again very next turn. This got my Pro wight a new skill (oh, I guess that name came from "block zombie", though I now also have two block zombies)

I think even with a pretty much 50/50 record (3 wins, a draw and 2 losses) I am still doing fairly well in the league - possibly even in third place. There will likely be a lull over easter weekend.

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