Thursday, September 1, 2011

Minis painted by others.. (for others to come later)

Well I realized I hadn't posted something in a while.  Here is a harlequin that a very kind person has been painting for me to add to my Spire Brat Pack necromunda gang. There might be some minor differences when it arrives, as I believe he's repainted the symbol on his head (as per the video in this post of his) check out Mikes CMON submissions and you will understand why I was ecstatic to find out he was willing to paint a fig for me and why I am not surprised in the slightest at the amazing quality he has produced!!!
painted by Mike Howell @ Constantly Risking Obscurity
There are a few other kindly folks out there who are either currently painting a harlequin for me, or they at least have one in their possession.  In case you haven't seen any of my earlier posts about this gang, the idea is since they all dress wildly - to have different people paint each figure so they all look drastically different.
There is also another gentleman who has agreed to paint a harlequin, but I am waiting until after my trip to the Chaos Cup to mail him anything to try and pick up some swag for his young lad currently learning (and apparently addicted to) blood bowl.

I need to sort out a very standard and easy to reproduce base scheme which is how I plan to tie all the disparate models together into some form of cohesion.  Currently I am thinking about gathering a ton of little bits, spraying them a metallic colour and giving them some heavy washes of orange and brown to look really rusty, then using that to "flock" the base with - thoughts?

Added to the two harlequins I already have, this will definitely be enough for a game!  I still have several more so if you are interested in getting in on this project, please contact me through the email address in my blogger profile and I would be happy to mail you a harlequin!


G.N.O.M.E. said...

I would love to help you out, whats the turn around time you need the painted mini back in (i.e. a week, a month,etc?)

Axtklinge said...

Wow, that's a very cool harlequin!
I must confess that I got a chill when I saw that knife cleaving into the harlequin forehead... still I have no doubt that whatever comes next it will look at least as good!

As far as the bases are concerned, I like your "ton of little bits" idea.
One other idea might be a "rusty metallic/net industrial floor" with a splashes of oil or greenish/brownish liquid and some dust on the top of it.
How about you try some of those out in a couple of empty bases, to see which one you think it would fit the gang better?
And post some pics of them so we could see the results too.

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