Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ravenwing Week - day 3

For today I am going to post a few black knight conversions.  With the new dark vengeance box having a sweet set of ravenwing bikers, there was no way I was going to pay $60 for 3 black knights.  I knew this before I even knew the price!!  Through trading and some purchasing off bartertown ($11 a set of 3!) I have 6 sets of DV ravenwing.  Some will be actual standard bike squads but most of the sergeants will be converted into black knights - simply by chopping the barrel off their bolters and cutting out a rectangular piece from the bottom of a bunch of plasma pistols and gluing them on top.  These are the first three I've converted.
banner guy, will leave hole open for a banner or a corvus hammer
First one I was debating between making him a command squad standard bearer or using my cheapo corvus hammer conversion from the ravenwing feathered banners.  I've been reliably told that using that as a corvus hammer looked like crap so I am going to revert to him being the banner.  I haven't glue the weapon so I will just make a few banner poles.  I am debating how to do the banner, currently I'm thinking of printing something out on sticker paper (and also debating having a plain white space to write what banner it is) - thoughts?
using the dark vengeance captain helmet
Second one I started to convert a basic "captain on bike" for which I used the captains helmet from the DV figure.  Unfortunately dark angels can't take a standard captain on a bike, so I proceeded to convert his bikes weapons to plasma talons as well so he can at least be a ravenwing captain/huntsmaster.  Using the helmet worked really well, and I just used a robed body from the ravenwing sprue mounted on a DV sergeant bike with robed legs.  Will need some green stuff to fill in gaps, but he looks really good IMO.
dark vengeance sergeant converted to black knight
Third one will just be a standard black knight, whatever I end up finding to use as corvus hammers will probably just get glued onto the bikes siding somewhere with some simple straps made of plasticard or
something.  I don't want every black knight to be wielding the corvus hammer, might make it awkward to get into tight spaces.

Does anyone have any suggestions for suitable "pick" like weapons to use as the corvus hammers?  Only requirement is that they be plastic.


Azraell said...

I would suggest using a bits site to finish out the project. For example:

Siph_Horridus said...

The Leman Russ MBT accessory sprue has 'Picks' on it, perhaps use this with one end of the pick replaced with some DA type icon? It is modelled as being strapped down so you won't have to model any plasticard yourself?

Tristan M said...

Azraell: you must be joking. Those new ravenwing bits will be very expensive. And spikey bits is the most expensive bits site of them all. What is the point of saving money by converting them only to spend almost $4/bit + shipping on a single weapon.

Siph: now that is a great suggestion. I remember the bit now that you mention it - that bit will work perfect, and I bet my buddies will have extras sitting around - cheers mate!!

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