Sunday, January 27, 2013

converted Redemptionist gang

Here are some conversions I whipped up from the dark vengeance cultist miniatures. As soon as I saw these awesome models I knew some would be great necromunda figures. I'm trying to make sure I don't duplicate any figures as necromunda really needs characterful models to ensure they are distinguishable from each other.  I plan to leave the chaos symbols on these guys, they will just be a corrupted redemptionist gang. I am currently trying to decide what paint scheme to follow.  A dark/flame look is what I'm going for.  Something similar to a model I painted for Dave at minipainting4free.  16 models should be plenty for a necromunda gang.
two deacons with flamers, plus a priest with hand flamer & sword
These are the most important gang members.  I converted the guy with the hooded gas mask to be carrying a flamer (instead of chopping his hands, I just cut off the flamer nozzle and canister and converted his autogun) to be a second Deacon.  My priest I just armed with a converted hand flamer (from the rest of the flamer bits that were left from doing the servo-arm backpack conversion for my ravenwing techmarine) and the final one is unconverted with a different model of flamer.
my zealots, you can only use two but I wanted all three options
The zealots were all really fun to make.  The middle guy took quite a bit of conversion but the two on the ends were pretty simple conversions.  A simple weapon swap gave me a zealot with two flails, and a hand flamer turned the axe wielding cultist into a zealot with exterminator on double handed weapon.  The guy in the middle started out with an autogun, but I trimmed it off his left arm, and replaced the right hand with a hand from some empire figures.  I simply trimmed two chainsword blades and glued them together to make a ridiculously large evisterator with another hand flamer as exterminator.
crusaders with basic weapons (a couple with CC weapons too)
I converted a few of these guys. Far left was a simple shotgun replacement. For the model in the middle I took the shotgun from the priest and replaced the autopistol.    Back right I converted quite extensively; first a head swap with another cultist to make them both different, then added a maul and an autogun.  Last guy is just a simple head swap.
devotees (or crusaders) with CC weapons
The model on the left had the head swap applied, and switched which hands held which weapons.  He got a sword/blade as well - right at that size where it could be a knife or a sword which is always handy for necromunda.  Guy in the middle is a simple head swap (he has far right's head, while far right has a head from a swap above.  The two guys in the back are unconverted.


Mordian7th said...

Nice! They're a great set of models for Necromunda - doing them up as redemptionists looks awesome!

agemmanjw said...

Oh no, now I REALLY miss Necromunda...
Great idea, btw! And very well done; can't wait to see them painted and burning some Scavvies.

Tristan M said...

Haha perfect, that's the whole reason I post. I hope it does motivated you, I have some necromunda scenery to post soon too.

Axtklinge said...

Lovely job mate.
Great mini choice too, congrats!

Tristan M said...

Linking the flesh tearers paint tutorial - plan to follow this for these guys.

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