Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ravenwing Week - day 4.. I mean uh.. 6?

Sorry for the delay, got caught up and didn't have any photos of the standard bikers.  I still need to get three sergeants done as well as a couple more basic marines on bikes to bulk up the flamer squad.  I did rip off the basic front flaring from the attack bikes I picked up and replaced them with the feathered ravenwing flarings. I've got a bunch more bikes sitting in simple green to strip the old paint off them.

I'm just going to show off some of the dark vengeance bikers I plan to keep using as standard ravenwing assault squads.  A friend convinced me with a bunch of plasma on the black knights which includes twin-linked (thereby decreasing their chances off taking "gets hot" wounds from 16.7% to 2.8%) that I should include some more melta in the list to have a better chance to deal with vehicles.  So I have 2 squads with 2 meltaguns and 1 squad with 2 flamers.  I have converted a few of the plasmagun wielding bikers to flamers/meltaguns and mixed it up a bit converting a bolt pistol biker to meltagun and plasmagun biker to bolt pistol to mix up the poses a bit.
squad with meltas
Am not sure how I plan to show sergeants for my standard bikers.  All the robed bodies will be my black knights/command squad members, so am debating a simple red stripe on the helmet or even a full red helmet to distinguish the sergeant.  This differs from the usual dark angels paint scheme but I don't think I mind that much, it will be nice to have some differences from everyone elses ravenwing.  I am keeping the sergeants arms pretty basic, though they will all have melta bombs (even though they have hit & run, they could still fail their initiative check if I don't have the ravenwing banner) so this should ensure they can do damage to things like dreadnoughts and not (frequently) get stuck in combat.
squad with flamers
I saw some nicely painted ravenwing the other day - am not a fan of the green bike body for standard bikers, but I did like that he used green for the feathered flarings and such.  Am debating doing something similar with red to make my ravenwing look a bit different. Thoughts?

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