Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ravenwing Week - last day

Call it 5 or 7, this will be the last post about the ravenwing until I either start painting or sort out the bases/display base.  I plan to use the laser cutter like I did for my goblin team, but with a basic plywood sheet.  The bikes bases will be a very simple dirt mix.  Just a couple final pics because I hope you find them interesting.
black knight grenade launcher
I've just used some scout bike grenade launchers bits for my ravenwing black knights.  I do like the new grenade launcher bits but I probably won't be dropping $60 on 3 bikes plus bits.  I'll need to score one more set of these bits to fix up a couple more bikes.
stripping station
Here is my stripping station.  It's an old brita water filter tub, which I filled with simple green.  The aquarium pump I will leave running for several hours at a time when I am sitting in the hobby room.  Keeping the simple green circulating helps with stripping the figures I find.  Still takes a few rounds of scrubbing with a toothbrush, especially depending on what paint was used.

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