Tuesday, January 28, 2014

first piece of deadzone terrain assembled

Found a bit of time late last night to try my hand at assembling some of the tiles I have painted. The first obvious thing to state is you just do not get enough connectors.  I thought people were saying this simply because they got the incorrect number of sprues. I tried to not use a connector in every socket possible to save some and am pretty sure I got away with it for the most part. The terrain is so sturdy I have no worries about even a heavy metal model causing structural integrity issues.
front side, had always planned for windows and barrier with stripe to go together
I still want to add some details to this piece.  I sprayed the ladder & streetlamp pieces metal last night and have been working on some of the crates and railings using a yellow spray as well. This piece will get a ladder going up the back and probably a set of railings or two. I am torn between gluing some crates down or just leaving them loose and putting them wherever they are needed at the time.
using a barrier as a wall will give a new dimension to movement in deadzone
It may seem a bit boring, but this structure manages to do a bunch of stuff I wanted to test out with my first deadzone building - namely 1) a barrier on top for protection 2) using a barrier as a wall 3) lots of doorways/windows/space so you can see the fluorescent lighting tile to a degree (see below). I am also pretty impressed with the strength of the connectors, none have snapped yet and I have used a set of pliers to get them to be as secure as possible.
look at the far roof tile to see the fluorescent lights
Really like the above picture, the grime on the inside walls is quite apparent and it should make for good battle report photos from a miniatures eye view. Once I get the railings and ladders glued on I am looking forward to using some rusty weathering powders to add a final touch of realism and also tie the tiles together since painting them separately is a tiny bit obvious once assembled.
PS. Does anyone know exactly what Mantic's thoughts for these pieces were?  They are clearly doors for the open tile next to the windows tile in my building, but there isn't really an easy way to connect them.  The little hook at the top works but I am not sure if they meant them to be glued together or act as temporary doors? Would love some thoughts?

Finally this was my brainchild but I am planning to do a lot of looking around for inspiration before I build the next building.  I also really want to spread around the yellow detailed tiles so I may start spraying up the second batch without any yellow so it's easier to make them appear more special.


Paul oftheManCave said...

They look great buddy - your table will be awesome when they are all done!

Eric Wier said...

Excellent looking terrain! The paint really adds a lot to already nice looking stuff. I am also glad to know it was just not me about not having enough connectors. I was able to make due for most of the terrain, but some of them could use a few extra to make them more stable.

As for the doors, I think the little hook on the door frame locks into door itself at the top. Without doing any trimming, I was able to snap the door on the hook. For mine it was tight enough that you could put it on and it would stay without glue or support. I think that was their intent, allowing you to add or remove the door at will.

Axtklinge said...

That grime looks fantastic!

Those future battle reposts deserve a ton of pics just to show off all the scenario goodies!

Tristan M said...

Thanks guys.

Eric: I guess with a few layers of paint it just doesn't fit as easily anymore. I may try to file it down but I really can't see a lot of benefit to having it clip on with such a weak connection - surely after all the work they put into the connectors (which are awesome just too few) they could have done something nicer. I will have to play around with it some more.

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