Thursday, January 16, 2014

Space Hulk - suicide mission!

Been doing pretty well on the gaming front recently.  From some Talisman & Citadels in December to even getting a game of 40K and now Space Hulk in.  My brother came over last night and we each took a turn as the terminators on the first Space Hulk mission.  Didn't mess with timers this time around, I need to get that Space Hulk app re-installed on my phone.  I didn't take enough pics for a proper battle report - we were just getting used to the rules again anyways.  A couple nice snaps below.

Here is the best pic I got from this angle - the original and then I did some quick editing using the google+ photo editor to try and make the second a bit more interesting, by focusing on the marines/keeping them sharp while making the genestealers a bit fuzzy.  Also used a filter called "Moody"
edited & filtered

This was the only pic I got from this angle - thankfully it turn out OK.  I like the "tunnel" view of proceedings, and tried to do the opposite of the first, keeping the genestealers clear & sharp and making the terminators look blurry.  I used some filters too "Dark 2" or something like that.  They look pretty good for 30 seconds of editing!
edited & filtered
I hope to play this game much more this year.  It's pretty quick to setup and now that I have both sides painted up (neither by me I will mention) it just looks fantastic.


Axtklinge said...

Looking forward to those SHulk games (and respective BR's of course)!
The edited photos look 'dark and thrilling' (specially the last one): spot on for that game!

Tristan M said...

Yea I wonder if google+ has some editing stuff for videos - I thought some video batreps might go down well.

MIK said...

The last edited pic is pretty cool indeed! Glad to see you getting in lots of gaming too, looking forward to more 'Hulk and everything else.

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