Tuesday, January 14, 2014

40K 6th ed. 2nd game (first with new marine codex)

Got my second game of 6th edition in, vs. Leo of the previous game. Around 5 months between games shows how little I actually play 40K at the moment.  Leo brought his Eldar from the previous battle bolstered with the new wraithlord monstrous creature thing, and a bunch of wraithguard that counted as troops along with the essential psykers, dropping the crimson hunter and fire prism but keeping the obviously strong wave serpents.
my deployment
Having recently finished my novamarines assault terminators, I was tempted to bring them, but at 1500 points there just didn't seem to be enough space, and without a valid way to get them into assault without a land raider, they seemed a bit of a liability.  I brought Tigurius to try and combat his psykers, a 10 man terminator squad, 2 tactical squads in drop pods, a scout squad with Telion and another scout squad in a land speeder storm bolstered by a thunderfire cannon.
Leo's first move
Leo took a bunch of pics of my deployed units, and I tended to take a pic a turn, so here are a bunch of pics of my scouts and terminators then some in game pics.  We played the scourging game with 6 objectives.
scouts on the firebase, terminators behind
close up of scouts
terminators and thunderfire cannon
I dropped the first pod and whiffed with both meltaguns on a wave serpent, while Tigurius gated with the terminators and they destroyed most of his guardians.  Thunderfire missed even with prescience.
end of turn one
another shot before turn two
Turn two and Leo focuses on my terminators - who at first seem invincible, but then begin to drop like flies.
Leo turn two
My turn two I gate away from combat and focus a lot of fire on the wraithguards without template weapons, causing a lot of wounds and killing everything but one and his farseer.  His other wraithguards whiff trying to kill my scouts in the firebase.
end of turn two
Other drop pod with tactical doesn't really do enough - I was torn between bolstering where my other units were or providing a distraction and challenging for objectives.  In the end they didn't do any damage and just got shot up.
begin of turn three
I crucially failed at all to user the ultramarines tactics (Tigurius meant I often used prescience on an appropriate unit, but I probably needed one more drop pod so both tactical squads could land at same time and take advantage of the rerolls.  I also misunderstood overwatch and didn't realize his wraithguard with template weapons could overwatch at my charging terminators - which meant they died before reaching combat.  That about sealed it.

I've learned this army really doesn't have any "punch" to combat the creep of other codexes.  That plus space marines becoming a flexible/finesse army and losing combat tactics means a serious re-think about this army.  Lots of troops is great, but the terminators are pretty expensive for what you get.  Not sure what I can easily add to make it competitive so it may sit on the back shelf for a while, or could go up on the block in the future.


eriochrome said...

Pretty bad conclusion to draw since you have like 9,000 points of marines listed on the left column.

Talarius said...

I LOVE the cardstock terrain. I looked for the Imperial Bastion for years on eBay before I finally snagged one. Those are from GW's golden age, imho. :-)

Talarius said...

Also, both armies look very nice. Whether you got beat down or not, at least the army looked good doing it. ;-)

Axtklinge said...

Nice looking terrain, lovely painted minis and quite cool scenario pieces, congrats!
(Love that rusty looking cylinder shaped thing near the Eldar deployment.)

Having the rules fresh in the mind always help to get the most out of the army you're playing, so I'm sure next time you play the results will be different!
Also, if you keep playing within that 9 month time frame, before you know it, GW has changed the SM rules again, and God know what comes out of it...

Tristan M said...

Hey Brad, I get what you are saying I was specifically talking about this chapter though. Sometimes it's nice to have everything painted the same.

Talarius - the old cardboard Imperial Bastion is one missing from my collection. I have tons of necromunda bulkheads though, so my plan is actually to find some plans to print my own pieces and make one.

Axt - I hear ya, but to be fair this army is not built very competitively and I am just not sure I have it in me to paint more quartered scheme stuff to make it so. If it goes on the block I may see about keeping 1000 points from it. Possibly all the terminators or all the scouts.

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