Friday, February 21, 2014

deadzone accessories painted

Another quick little snap of some deadzone progress. There is one more batch of little accessories to do, but I don't have a suitable different colour spray to use. I had definitely planned to use the yellow spray on the containers with the hazard symbol, and I picked up some cheap krylon sprays recently and the olive green works well for the boxier crates.
To mix it up a bit I used two different colours on the hazard symbol and applied some decals to the green crates - then I used a bit of sponge to apply some damage/weathering in a metallic colour. The last set of accessories are gas can looking and I hope to find some red or brownish colour to spray them.

* oops that just reminded me I need to add some weathering powders onto these pieces - will probably keep it simple with one colour each, not sure about any washes.


Adam Wier said...

Great looking terrain you have there! The painting really makes them standout; I particularly like the green used.

Axtklinge said...

Useful little accessories!
And you're right, those surfaces are begging for some weathering powders!
If you manage take a pic after the weathering powders, could you please place a mini next to them for scale?

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