Friday, February 28, 2014

deadzone mawbeast

Sorry for the crappy pics - I just can't be arsed to spend any time getting nicer photos when I know how easy it will be once my FOLDIO shows up. I've finished up the first mawbeast, taking the advice of my man Axtlinge from Merry Mayhem News & NABBO league fame - and mimicking a "paroedura bastardi" gecko pattern on his fur using the same camouflage colours as the other marauders. I tried building a little "stamping tool" using some pluck foam bits. Unfortunately it was just too big to use on the mawbeasts fur as you can see below.
What I ended up doing instead is making a couple much smaller individual stamps and just doing the pattern manually. I used a dark grey instead of black but the red I kept the same. I used the same coal black I painted the commandos rifles for his nose and used iyanden darksun for his mane & tail. Any metallics are the same as well. A couple watered down coats of devlan mud followed and I am pretty happy with the result.
Did a quick "gem" job on his cybernetic eye and the usual clear acrylic base. When trying to glue him on the first time I accidentally spread the two part epoxy all over and was quite annoyed as I thought I'd ruined the base. However I found out that if you are quick enough and it hasn't set - it is quite easy to wipe the base completely clean with nothing but a paper towel. So a second try later and I had him glued to the same base. Score!
Next up is the first ripper suit. I have been delayed painting this guy because without any assembly instructions I ended up missing a gun piece that is supposed to mount on his backpack. In doing so I put a little accessory right in the way so I've had to do some cutting and chopping to get it to fit and that part isn't primed. Still I intend to get started on him - what are peoples thoughts for his scheme? Should I follow the same simple camo scheme on the marauders or maybe use the bigger stamping tool I couldn't use on the mawbeast? This is what the suit looks like - he is plenty big and will be the first to go on a 40mm clear acrylic base.


Axtklinge said...

Can't wait for that FOLDIO thing of yours to show up because those close up pics indeed are a bit blurry.
Another trick you might want to try with that stamping tool is to give it a second go(or more), with a slightly lighter tone "half millimetre" aside the same spot you've stamped the first time.
That might break the solid contour of the "stamp", making it look a bit more organic (skin/fur).
Just an idea.

On the big guy you may very well go a different rout if you wish.
I mean, infantry need camo to avoid being seen and shoot at, however a mammoth like that will surely make noise enough moving around to deny him any camo advantages, so you might make him stand with a different paint job.
Possibly painting the 'blank canvas' within the same tones, but with adding a few colourful "faction insignias", "warning signs" or whatever makes him state "death dealer on the move".
But hey, I dont even know how he works game wise so please read my words for what they're worth.

And by the way, thanks for the
shout out! ;)

Tristan M said...

If I was putting any more than minimal effort into these guys, I would probably follow your advice about the double stamp. As it is I am happy with the wash providing enough contrast. I only highlighted the orcs skin.

Actually I think I will follow your advice on the big guy. I've been procrastinating starting him and I think it's because deep down I knew I wouldn't be happy with that result. Now I think I will use the olive green colour for legs and keep grey on top - maybe with camo or maybe without.

Thanks as always pal!

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