Wednesday, February 12, 2014

getting ready for Daggerbowl VII

In the first couple months of the year, the NAF tournaments in the Ontario/Quebec region are both held in Ottawa. I have been to the CCKO three years running (reports: 2011, 2012, 2013) doing pretty well in 2012. This years plans for the CCKO came together a bit late and being the first weekend after my wife and son came back from a visit out West I didn't want to miss that time with them. I haven't seen most of my blood bowl buddies since Lakeside Cup in August last year so I have been itching to get to a tournament.

Usually I have taken a pass on Daggerbowl.  Ottawa is a pretty long drive for a one day tournament, but this year I've decided to make the trek since I'm not sure when I will have time to make another tournament for a while (since I run the next tournament that's coming up - I won't get a chance to play). Daggerbowl is pretty interesting that big guys are half price and get the Pro skill for free. Chaos Pact seems to be a popular team choice as are halflings.  I convinced the tournament organizer that if halflings can get the Deeproot Strongbranch star player - then goblins should be able to get Ripper.
willy miniatures troll
(Part of me was also thinking this would be the only time I get to Daggerbowl, so bringing the goblins and getting best painted would be a smart move. Unfortunately being a one day, there is no best painted prize - but I had already used the motivation to get my Ripper model painted up so I will continue with the goblins anyways!)

The model I picked up for Ripper is one of the willy miniatures trolls. I felt it would be a good choice because willy figures are pretty large and that would make a good ST6 model. I swapped gryphonne sepia for ogryn flesh and ogryn flesh for devlan mud on this figure to make him look a bit darker & stronger than the other two trolls. That combined with his size will make him quite obviously Ripper.

In "insane goblin posse" terms I am calling him Esham - who was a rapper who wore clown makeup in an album cover that inspired ICP. So the face-paint details I have followed that album cover. He is not 100% complete, but I just need to touch up the face-paint and then glue him to his base - and my FOLDIO lightbox will not be shipping until early march so a quick photo is all I'm going to do for now anyways.


Mike Reynolds said...

That's a cracking mini!
Nice job.

Paul oftheManCave said...

Love the troll mate!

Hopefully we'll get to meet you at such Tournaments soon - we are moving to New England in July for 18 months!

Tristan M said...

Thanks guys,
Paul I noticed you mentioning something in comments elsewhere - hopefully catch you at Chaos Cup this year :)

Axtklinge said...

Looks awesome mate!
Can't wait to see him next to the team together for a "family" photo"!

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