Thursday, January 29, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 8 ... DUNGEONBOWL

Was at Two Headed Dragon again tonight - for something different I played 3 games of dungeonbowl with Matt - we had a blast! We laughed so hard at the random happenings. By lucky fortune I won all three games. We both lost many many players to the warp, and many players got kicked out by the ref for fouling. The second game we actually played down to the last player.

I would highly recommend giving this a try - the rules are available on GW's site, and includes dungeon tiles to print out. We definitely intend to do a dungeonbowl league when the current league finishes. It was possibly the most entertaining games I've played - and they don't necessarily need to take 2 hours as you just play to the first touchdown.

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eriochrome said...

Dungeon bowl is a good game. Teleporters, pit traps, exploding chests. Still have the original version on my shelf in the basement.

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