Friday, January 23, 2009

one perfect bit

Have you ever that had just ONE nigh-unobtainable bit that was perfect for a mini you were planning?

I'm talking having to buy a whole box set for one piece. I've felt this pain with my Novamarines, but it is now over.

I originally left my librarian with the force axe he came with, but was convinced otherwise by folks posting in my Index Astartes thread at B&C, if any of you care my wip fluff ideas are there. Once I saw the bit below, I knew I had to convert the axe into a staff, as a bonus I can now use him as 'Counts As' Tigurius, whose fluff is actually perfect for a Novamarines libby.

I'm planning to do up a nice army roster with some background fluff for the final day on Feb 6, so any comments/criticism about the above posted fluff is appreciated.


sovietspace said...

Yes! I'm in this exact position now. After seeing an awesome conversion on 73rd's blog ( I really want the Cherub/cape from St. the Celestine model.

I heading out tomorrow to buy the blister...

Where is your staff end from?

natsirtm said...

I lucked out and found a store on ebay that had a package of all 5 empire staff tops. I might use a couple but if you want the scythe or the flaming ball let me know.

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