Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weak on the updates

So I realize I've been lax on the updates, lack of camera = lack of photos.. So I figured I'd fill you in on what I've been up to in the meantime..
  • I completed painting the ranged Novamarines scouts (6 with bolters, sniper rifles and missile launcher), this was for the Tale of 2HD Gamers competition so the motivation was there. Going in on Friday.
  • I also built a 3rd objective for this army. It's a wounded veteran marine with a broken leg and blown off arm - throwing that last ditch grenade. I actually really liked how this came out and am pumped to paint it once I get a chance to do some priming.
  • I've been investigating card & scratch built models. I did up a very simple rhino I printed on card stock with the Space Sharks logo. I actually printed 8 so I could use them as rhinos for a battle company in Apocalypse and thereby use my magnetized rhinos as tanks. I also did a couple terrain pieces, a very simple & cheap gun battery (battery is card, glued onto an upside down small paper plate, which was painted and flocked) that probably only took 20 minutes of working time, and a nicer strongpoint which was from a template and built into a hill with some camouflage netting. More card related stuff to come.
  • Speaking of which, I took the imperial command 40K markers from rocketshipgames.com and created a reverse side with the Novamarines logo. I plan to make a set of counters for each army.
  • I did some more details on the Novamarines captain, terminator sergeant and deathwatch marine. Mostly playing with painting the power swords, and I have an idea for how I want to paint the librarians force rod.
  • Then I got bored without stuff I really wanted to paint primed, so I built the 5 assault marines that came in the battle force box I picked up. I've built them as Raptors, which I plan to build up led by Shrike. The sergeant has a lightning claw, bolt pistol & combat shield, he also got an older metal jump pack so I could save a plastic one for magnetizing the Salamanders deathwatch flamer. One has a flamer (or will once I have a flamer to give him) and I also ended up deciding that the power fist veteran I have will lead a tactical squad of Raptors due to all the icons modeled on.
  • Finally since I'm still waiting to prime I've been painting up my blood bowl troll. He's mostly done as his stone skin was done with much drybrushing and washes.
My better half's sister is supposed to be sending us her old digital camera, so I hope to be able to get more pics soon, and have a higher frequency of pics.

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