Thursday, January 22, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 7

Got a couple games in at Two Headed Dragon tonight. Played Matt first, we tied 2-2. He did an astounding amount of damage to me. One blitzer died outright and a black orc & a linemen both missed my next game. I gave Fungus the Loon a try in this game but used him all wrong, knowing the rules for secret weapon now I know better. My gobbo again was the star, scoring both touchdowns. My thrower got the MVP, which now that he's making completions is less important for him as for linemen who don't get points as easily. I gave my gobbo the Diving Catch skill. I also bought another new blitzer to replace the one who died.

Next up I played another Tristan (wtf!) who had a human team. I had some fairly jammy luck on kick offs, getting a couple perfect defense and a blitz. With only 10 men, took this game 4-1, managing to get a touchdown with a blitzer and a linemen on top of 2 more for the gobbo. Was nice to finally see someone else's big guy stand around for a while - though it really really hurt him this game. The gobbo was a star, flying through the air, and even causing a casualty when blitzed. He won MVP for this game as well, and is now sitting at 27 points. One more touchdown is a further skill for him, and I'll have my 2nd black orc and extra linemen back for my next game.

All in all, much more successful than my previous outings. Earlier I did lots of damage but didn't score. This time I scored, but in some cases didn't do enough damage. Have 50K back in the treasury now and my fan factor has gone up to 7.

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