Thursday, March 12, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 14

Had another game vs. Matt at Two Headed Dragon, where I managed to scrape out a win 2-1 in the last turn of the game - very lucky as the kick scattered right into the hands of my second thrower after Matt scored the tying touchdown. I did a little better at not being too excited, but still made some mistakes. Some key points, Matt managed to injure all three of my black orcs enough to make them miss the next game and my new one got a niggling injury, my troll outright killed one of his linerats, my second thrower gained all his experience from a casualty and a touchdown, and then Hurt Warn'r stepped into the game for the last three turns, intercepted Matt's pass and coolly proceded to throw a touchdown pass and deservedly picked up the MVP!

Also convinced Matt he has to show some progress in painting otherwise he loses inducement $, important since my team rating is a pretty monstrous 175.


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