Friday, March 13, 2009

Space Sharks - BoLS Badab entry comments

I would really appreciate constructive criticism for my BoLS entry. Not in terms of "winning" next time, but in terms of really polishing her off with the little details.

So far here are some ideas I've had, let me know what you think of these or any other ideas you might have.
  • "Danger/Hot" symbols around exhausts, rear of H/K missile, etc. (seems that space marines wouldn't need to know or indeed even care but ??)
  • Naming the vehicle. Definitely not along the line's of "Blood of the Deep" but I was thinking more like just a generic female name, like Eileen or Susan.
Please tell me your thoughts!


Cawshis Clay said...

Did you paint the lens? Your previous blog post doesn't have all the lens painted. Maybe the entry on BOLS has it painted, I can't remember.

I'd detail up exhausts, maybe dirty the treads and get all the lens/targeters painted to shine like glass.

I mean...if you're looking to pimp it out more. I think it's great the way it is now!

natsirtm said...

Do you mean the lenses on the circular hatches? I know I've never really understood those being lenses, as they seem too high to be able to see through. I guess they could be like a periscope.

Treads did have some weathering, is it not enough?

thx for commenting :)

Cawshis Clay said...

I've always assumed they were sensors and video recorders that feed to the driver so he can see 360 degrees, assess threats, identify friends etc.

I mean...the viewports on the front of the Rhino are so TINY! The driver has got to get a view-feed from somewhere!

As for the tread's probably more a factor of the picture+my crappy monitor. Often I can barely make out highlights and weathering unless they are to the extreme!

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