Monday, March 9, 2009

Space Sharks - getting caught up on troops

Due to the BoLS contest I ended up painting the razorback before the squad got finished. Has definitely inspired me to get working on the troops I had undercoated because fielding the razorback without any sharks on the table is bound to bring bad luck, and I want to field that razorback!!! To that end I put a bunch of time into the first tactical squad and command squad over the weekend.

I also did a touch more on my undead blood bowl team, but just three quick piccy's of the sharks for now.

Command Squad

Tac squad 3


Cawshis Clay said...

I'm impressed that you have so many beakie heads!

I love the guy flipping over the wall. Are you eventually going to have a rubble-bases design on your marines?

natsirtm said...

I have a lot more where that came from ;)

Stole the flipping over the object idea from Cpt Stahl on B&C, he's got a whole company of sharks done. Yea the bases will definitely be brownish, but I wanted a slippery mud look, not sure how I'll paint the wall yet.

jabberjabber said...

The sheer variety of poses is very impressive - not only the one jumping over the wall, but also the ones who are engaged in a variety of actions; examining the auspex, carrying the box and so on. A very dynamic bunch!

sovietspace said...

Very cool squads mate, great work. What are you planning for the banner? I also, I recommend drilling out the gun barrels if you can; it looks great!

What you got planned to do next? :)

natsirtm said...

Every squad will be very dynamic, I have a second tactical squad all built that are just as dynamic as these guys.
As for the banner, will probably just use a big shark decal and freehand banners above & below with the "first in, last out" motto.
I will drill the gun barrels, but that's something that can always be done ;)

Next? I think I will probably paint my raptors assault squad as I've been itching to use them and to give me a break. But then I'll get the second tactical squad, chaplain and a landspeeder painted for the sharks.

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