Monday, March 9, 2009

A good day for toys

Well today had a few surprises in store for me - three in fact! A bunch of stuff I had coming to me from trades and purchases all arrived at once.
  • Got a box of moria goblins I had coming from a trade to add to the 60 odd I have already.
  • Got my order from a local (same province) retailer which was some more evil LOTR stuff to round out the gobbos I've already gotten a bit, including a shaman, captains and a mordor siege bow (will use as counts as spear chukka). Still on the fence with these guys as it took 7 days to contact me that an item was on back-order, and then after confirming I was still getting the free paint brush set through email my order didn't have it. Waiting on a reply.
  • Also finally got my stuff from a long ordeal with an online retailer. Basic premise was a friend purchased a box of AoBR and called to make arrangements for the Space Marine portion to get mailed to me. Well 48 days later after many many emails I finally got a box from the retailer. While it did have a number of extra goodies, including an extra AoBR captain, a Pedro Kantor and a Rhino chassis - it didn't have any of the bases!! Will never deal with this particular retailer again.


Andy said...

Sounds like you got plenty stuff to keep you busy.
I love walking into a GW store and having the item in your hand straight away, but i can't always justify it as the prices are pretty steep when you can save 25% online.

eriochrome said...

Make sure you add a comment to the growing From the Warp retailer reviews for the bad vendor.

natsirtm said...

Already have a draft for the FtW retailer reviews for the 50 day ordeal. I need to speak to Ron as I technically wasn't the purchaser. Will give the other store some time to respond.

natsirtm said...

Have heard back from the store missing the brush set. We'll see how long it takes to receive it.

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