Friday, March 13, 2009

Another good day for toys

Had two packages waiting at home for me today.
  • A large LOTR package, including 5 trolls and almost 70 orcs/uruk-hai.
  • My recent order from bits & kits, mixed feelings, great prices - but these guys always seem to screw up little things (first order was missing 1 shoulder pad, but had 5 backpacks), another order was missing 2 sentinel cabin bits, though the order sheet in the package said it would be refunded. This order had a vindi siege shield, some random bits for my Space Sharks and 100 Space Marine heads. They were on sale for 1 pence, so for around $2 I got a ton of heads. Even better though it said they would all be mk7, at least 4 beakies were included. I also got the 2 metal sentinel cabin bits that were missing from the previous order. Except.. I ordered a bunch of 20mm square bases and they sent 25mm round - yeeesh!
Anyways - time to get painting!


RonSaikowski said...

How about a company review, it sounds like you pretty much wrote one up here... that's always been my worry when I order something online... will I get what I ordered, will it all be there, etc.

I think the waiting is what makes it so bad.

Tristan said...

In my opinion the only waiting I have a problem with is for some communication. Don't worry Ron I am typing up a review with my some further details.

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