Tuesday, April 28, 2009

finally updates... pt1

Whew, had a few hectic weeks there where I didn't really have time to take pics and post. I did manage to do some modeling and painting in between being busy and being hurt. I've put together a fair number of models since I've decided it'd be nice to be able to use them before being painted, and includes;
  • 3 magnetized AoBR dreadnoughts
  • 1 techmarine with converted servo-harness (basically 2 servo-arm backpacks combined)
  • 1 eversor assassin
  • 2 magnetized rhino chassis' (minus side doors and rhino top hatches)
  • 1 set of magnetized predator components (the turret needs another magnet to keep the barrel up I think but it's good enough for now)
  • 5 iron knights 'squires' (SM scouts aka neophytes - planning to use the black templar list for that chapter - since my iron knights are going to have the studded shoulder pad, i've used old RT001 arms for these guys and they are perfect sized for a smaller model)
The only pics I've managed to take that came out ok are of the three dreadnoughts - so without further ado, here they are. I used magnets in two positions on each arm to try and make sure they stay pointed up.
Arms detached
Arms attached
I need to post up pics of my painted trolls for the Lo2G competition @ Two Headed Dragon tonight (done with same techniques as the goblins), so parts 2 and possibly 3 of "finally updates" to come.


Anonymous said...

Dreadnoughts look cool so far mate, there's something about 3 of the big fellas that can intimidate the crap out of opposing forces!

Adventures with Peps said...

Those three dreads look like their on mission to kick ass! I don't know what it is exactly but I love dreads. Will these become Novamarines/raptors/space sharks? Great work once again.

Here's the link to them on my blog.

Tristan M said...

These guys will be space sharks, I hope to add an Ironclad body as well.

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