Tuesday, April 28, 2009

finally updates... pt2

Well so far the troll photos aren't turning out so hot. I'll give it one more go in a bit. I did however get a couple decent pics of my techmarine conversion. He'll need some green stuff work but again enough to get playing with. He'll be my Space Sharks techmarine. I may still need to add a beaky helmet in there somehow - anyone think I should replace the head with a beaky?

I cut up an extra techmarine backpack to provide the extra bits for the conversion. The servo-arm I pinned to the middle exhaust vent, the wires I pinned to the bottom. For the laser cutter I combined an old and newer plastic plasma pistol, for the flamer I just used an old hand flamer. I didn't bother with any other weapons as the servo harness gives enough power for a support character and he has a bolter slung under his shoulder so he's both WYSIWYG and a nice round 75 points.

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