Saturday, April 4, 2009

Legend of 2HD gamers - pt1

First deadline for Lo2G at Two Headed Dragon was last night. This is the fantasy version of the tale of four gamers. I got my 30 gobbo archers painted up (I will post pics of them later tonight), and I played 2 games (we are using the Scourge of the Crown campaign rules - found here []) so started by rolling up three territories, where I got 2 Stone Circles (+1 wizard of any value OR +1 magic item up to 50 points) and a Road (+100 points). This let me add a level 2 shaman with the staff of sneaky stealing to my army. The rest of my army was a goblin warlord with a couple magic items, 5 river trolls, 25 orcs with shields, 15 black orcs with shields, the 30 goblin archers and a spear chukka.

1st game was against Philip and his Wood Elves. He had lots of wardancers, some dryads, 10 scouts, 10 glade guard, 5 glade riders and a hero and mage. Game seemed to be edging his way (he kept running his scouts out of charge sight of my black orcs and pelting them with arrows) however my shamans staff meant I was able to stop his mage from using the forest moving/attacking spell for the first few turns, which left his wardancers stuck in the forest until I was able to charge them with my trolls. My trolls proceeded to rout his wardancers (after he killed my shaman - who had miscast and lost a wound) and destroy them pursuing, then do the same to his dryads. My goblin archers saw off his glade riders in one good round of shooting. In the end I got a marginal victory, and took the Town as new territory (woohoo extra special choice!).

2nd game was against Ken and his High Elves. Ken is just learning so this game was a bit of a mess, as I forgot about his horses attacking in one turn and we ended up having to cut off before my turn four could happen, however my black orcs had seen off his lion chariot and a unit of lothern sea guard. Also had his Silver Helms locked with my orcs, about to be flank charged by my trolls, and also while they were stuck in the middle my spear chukka killed 3 with a good shot (coming from the side, as he had 9 and we lined them up in one long rank). Ken decided to forfeit cuz he had to get home, so I picked up another territory (another road, woot!) bringing my total up to 5.

In total my trolls got 2 experience points (need to remember about these in game!!!), my black orcs got 2 and my goblin archers got 1. Other stuff I forgot sometimes through these games being my first games with O&G were; bonuses to waaagh magic from units in combat, elves cause fear to goblins (made my general useless a couple turns), calling a waaagh for one turn and the change where shields give you a better save in close combat.

Quite pleased with this night (tons of fun!) and also with my army. I will eventually want to change from goblin characters to orcs or black orcs. Also very impressed with my trolls, I'm going to want to keep my warlord with them in future as well I think. I should also have a second spear chukka for future games and was pleased with their performance. Gotta give them an orc bully though as Philips hero mauled the crew in my first game. Also I need to build some movement trays for the guys with magnetized bases.

Now.. what to paint up for next month's deadline. I really like how my goblins turned out (only used washes and metallics over grey undercoat and they look awesome - hoping I picked up best painted for this month). 3 trolls would make the points limit. Might be easier than painting another large batch of guys.

I'll post the scores on Sunday once our Grey Knight posts them in the Two Headed Dragon forums.

ps. I also traded Philip some Wood Elves for an Escher gang and some Space Marine bits, so unfortunately my mini queue #'s are going up. Le sigh ;)

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