Monday, June 15, 2009

Blood Bowl reinforcements

Just a quick note to say I've gotten my booster pack of undead blood bowl players painted up. I now have 17 models and a full selection of players to choose from when composing my team.

All that remains now is to try out dipping them, and then adding a little flock. First batch of stuff since I re-started the hobby that will get sealed. I've left the team page at 99% to reflect they aren't completely done.

I want to have a go at dipping them soon, so look for a post on that in the near future. At that point I'll update the pics on the team page. Next up is going to be some Raptors assault marines, I just need one eagle hilt from a chainsword and they'll be ready to undercoat.

Still have 15 more days to the halfway point of the year, and I'm twelve points ahead of my target. If I can finish those Raptors I should be well on my way to meeting my 2009 goal.

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