Saturday, June 20, 2009

Necromunda @ 2HD... Day 4

Got a couple more necromunda games in at Two Headed Dragon yesterday.

First was a straight up gang fight (argh!) vs. Ian's enforcers that actually went swimmingly for me. His entire gang was out of action by the end of the game. Everybody got an advance or two, and it bumped my gang rating above 1200.

Second we played Lord of the Spire with 2 cawdor gangs (Karl, Phillip), my spyrers (we adjusted the rules to let me play) and Ian's enforcers. Looked like I had the game in the bag, but some brilliant shooting from Phillip and a timely shot at my base marker took my entire gang out of the game. Afterwards my Yeld got a chest wound (ouch!) and my Jakara died outright (DOUBLE OUCH!). Knocked my gang rating down by around 240 points. It's gonna be tough fighting with only four guys for the rest of the campaign (I've only gotten 1 of 10 outright kills towards my vow - I see myself getting completely scragged and having to re-start at some point).

Great fun though, been taking pictures of the terrain every week even just on my shitty camera phone. Once I get them off I'll update these posts with some pics.

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