Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raptors test mini

It was a gorgeous day today so I got my Raptors assault squad completely primed up. Realized I'd promised some pics of the test mini - which was done using just washes for all of the armour.

Would appreciate some feedback, you'll notice the armour is quartered, I gave 2 quarters an extra green wash. Everyone I've asked has been 50/50 on whether they like that or the lighter one. Also, which metallic should I use? The bronze really pops but not sure if I like it. Finally do you like either of the colours on the eagle?






Siph_Horridus said...

Tristan, the lighter one with the bronze, definitely the bronze.

Tristan said...

Thanks Siph, any preference as to the chest eagle colour? I know they are pretty similar.

Paul said...

oooh, nice work! tough question tho. I would go with that darker green more so than the lighter, as the lighter is a good Nurgle color :) but that's just me. Looking forward to seeing the squad finished!

Tristan said...

They ended up slightly darker than the light side, but I think since the whole model is painted the same it looks a little lighter than it really is. I haven't made as much progress on them as I would like. Still playing with what colours to paint their weapons, and haven't even primed the jump packs yet. Should be a post about them soon though.

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