Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lo2G final and Necromunda @ 2HD - Day 3

Stopped by 2HD today to finish up the Lo2G and ended up playing some Necromunda. Unfortunately the guys who are playing in the campaign were busy with their role-playing, so I ended up buying some primer, some brushes and a couple paints to start on the Spyrers I'm using in the Necromunda campaign to spend my time.

We've ended Lo2G early as there's only Philip and I left, and the Grey Knight program is closed - although both Philip and I are going to try to continue painting 150 points a month. The recent painting points I scored are from the orcs I painted.

Month 3 scoring;
3 Tristan - fully painted
4 Philip - fully painted, best painted
0 Ken

For reference (Grey Knight)
0 Karl

Final standings;
13 Tristan - fully paintedx3, best painted, 3 games, 1 win
14 Philip - fully paintedx3, best paintedx2, 2 games, 2 wins
4 Ken - fully painted, 1 game

For reference (Grey Knight)
3 Karl - fully painted

Congratulations to Philip. I think the plan is we split the third place prize. He'll get over $100 in GW loot and I'll get somewhere around $75.

Then I got a couple games of Necromunda in. First due to the massive rating difference I got to pick the scenario and picked hit & run. With my speed I was sure I would be able to quickly get a guy off safely. Ended up doing just that as Philip did a good job ensuring I couldn't get some easy kills before ending it. Yeld off on turn 3.

Hit & run is a great scenario for Spyrers. I can at most be missing one gang member, and every raider gets +10xp if you win. All my guys got some advances (even forgetting the bonus xp for having a lower gang rating)

Then we did a gang fight with three gangs. I only got a single wound in, and bottled on the third turn after Karl took down my Malcadon (getting blinded in one eye - HA who cares). But upon realizing not getting any bonus xp for gang rating - and complaining all day I couldn't roll a power boost - finally on my last roll my Orrus scores a power boost and I get a sustained fire dice for my bolt launchers.. /insert heavenly choir sound here

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IanBurns said...

sustained fire....on bolt launchers......*cringes*

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