Thursday, September 16, 2010

other blood bowl related matters...

Over the month of August - other games (8th ed.) and lack of motivation (read: opponents) has led to the second season of blood bowl at one of the local GW's to die a slow death.  I thought I would just post up some stats here since we used the OBBLM php league manager.  I was fielding my dark elf team, the Karond Kar Raiders.

Season 2 standings

It was a little disappointing for the season to die so soon.  I had quite a good record going on, having the best points to games played ratio.  My witch elves were skilling up quite nicely, I even had a second skill on one witch (also league leading scorer with five td's) I did however lose my skilled blitzer to freakin' death last game though, so I was in for a journeymen filled game next up.

ps. I'm going to do some work on a few new blood bowl teams, as I need some more variety.  I've got this crazy idea to make a daddy long legs "counts-as" slann team using styrofoam balls with flower wire and googly eyes.  The deathbowl tournament in October in Ottawa gives bonuses to slann teams and I'm positive I could get that team done on time.  Mini wise there's an all female team that could count as amazons, norse or wood elves and the original plastic humans (that I've converted) which I'm going to do halved white & red with some black detailing and probably dip them.

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