Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 38: Tristan - a couple singles

A couple singles that I've gotten finished up over the past little while.  I've had the wyrd finished since I got into building my pit slave gang.  I took some time trying to get two good photos of the wyrd with the magnetized electric bolt (pretty cool if I do say so myself) this was as good as it got.  I actually ended up leaving his skin (pretty much just the head) as just the skull white + badab black wash undercoat I've been using frequently of late.  I wanted to try and get a very pale/albino type look and finally just realized it was staring me in the face!
This guy is an old warhammer fantasy elf from back when there was marauder miniatures.  I kept him to build up my collection of mini's suitable for warhammer quest (or any other fantasy character based game) and the original plan was to use him as the elf ranger or lord of aenarion from deathblow.  I was browsing through a buddies blog when I saw he had a few warhammer quest posts up, and in one he has a mini to use should the ranger select the "mage" path.  Well another mini I've kept from before my hobby sabbatical is a high elf mage.  I've decided I'm going to touch him up and re-base him along with the other few warhammer quest mini's I've painted this year to use as the "mage" version of the ranger. For now this guy will be the "knight" version, but I may decide at some point to get a specific elf knight model so I can count him as only a lord of aenarion and boast of having a model painted for all the "official" characters.
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