Thursday, September 2, 2010

Latest necro gang - Pit Slaves!!

Thought I would throw up a couple photos of my progress on the pit slave gang.  As I literally hacked these together from old junky bits (as evidenced by metal plates I just glued to their bodies) I just went for simple base coat with a very limited palette of skin, green, gray, silver, tin.  I did undercoat the metals, and alternated between brown and black.  I alternated the metal colour too to try and get four tones.
I added five more arms today (30 total), and now can legally arm each of the fourteen models.  Sorry about the photos, neither are great shots, as I still plan to give these guys a bit of a dip - I'll take some better photos later. I'm sure the dip will tie everything together well - a diluted version produced extremely good results for some earlier necromunda hired guns.  Then all that will be left to do is the bases.
I had been inspired to get this complete by my planning a large necromunda campaign.  I haven't seen the kind of response it will require so it might not be the right time.  Instead I think will start another small home based campaign.  I essentially have two Spyrer gangs, I'm getting my Escher back (painted, yippeeeeee!!!) on Saturday and now this gang is practically complete and easily tabletop worthy.


Akozz said...

Great job man. Magnets are great use in necromunda since your gang is changing and You don't want to chop of their arms each time. I would give them a wash to make metal parts less shiny.

Tristan said...

That's what the dip is for (dip = wood stain). It will do an even better job than a wash. Check out the hired guns link to see what I mean.

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