Friday, February 25, 2011

XTBBF -> new team! Games 1 & 2

After shitting the bed in the XTBBF Spike! finals and since I've decided to focus on using the undead in all the NAF tournaments I participate in this year, I've pulled out my dark elves to have a run in the league.  I have much less experience running the dark elves and agility based teams in general, but I figure the evil pansies aren't full on AG based like wood elves - they still prefer the running game.  Also how can you argue with witch elves? Dodge, Frenzy, Jump up to start with General & Agility access is a game changer piece for sure.

Since I love the witch elves so much, and because I wanted to avoid trying to bash too much, my starting roster is probably not what most people would term "optimal" but that's ok - it should force me to learn more quickly.  1 Blitzer, 1 Witch elf, 1 Runner, 8 Line elves, 3 rerolls.  I wanted 3 rerolls to start and I figured this way, I will just use journeymen so I can save up to buy Blitzers.  That way every new purchased player can walk straight into the starting 11, and I have a large number of linemen available to pick up MVPs from the get go. 
Game 1 vs. Lounge Lizards. (1-2 loss)
The lizards were a tough proposition for my first match.  Mark had 4 skinks with side-step, meaning I couldn't count on Frenzy to scare him aware from the sideline.  I got in one quick score, but a riot after he scored reduced me to one turn left in the first half, and he did a great job just holding onto the ball for all of the second half to score very late to take the win.  Biggest peeve about this game was my solitary blitzer being the casualty he inflicted and ending up with a NIGGLE. Damn! He might get cut after game three when I can afford another blitzer. My line elf who scored got MVP and I gave him Fend.  I decided to use the funds from this match to purchase an apothecary to save those linemen who have gained skills or the witch

Game 2 vs. Skum & Villany. (1-0 win)
The orcs were more the type of team I wanted to play early on, if I'm going to get bashed, at least be slow!  Illegal procedures started to dominate this game, as one called on the orcs resulted in a black orc going down on double skulls leaving the thrower open to a blitz.  I scored late in the first half (somewhat luckily as all our rerolls had been eaten up by illegal procedures) and in the second half I should have just scored with my runner, but with only a couple turns to go I took a calculated risk to pass to the line elf who had scored my earlier touchdown - hoping to earn a skill at the end of the match and it failed completely with no rerolls available to save my ass.  It was too late and too far for Chris to tie the game though. I lucked out on the line elf who gained a skill after this match and rolled a doubles.  Can you say GUARD!!!!

I've managed to get at least one completion or TD on all my line elves so far, so any further MVP picked up by a line elf will result in a skill. I'm hoping this will pay off in the long run, with a minimum of one line elf getting a skill after each game, while the positionals will gain SPP from blocking and scoring.

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Gyro said...

I've toyed with the idea of a High Elf team for many of the same reasons.

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