Saturday, February 26, 2011

Novamarines - time for a revival?

After getting some paint on my new(ish) Novamarines characters, I've been looking over the army and comparing it to when I had the first 1000 points completed for a tale of 4 gamers style competition.  That was pretty much two years ago and all the quartered paint jobs were starting to get to me.

Novamarines current state
Since that time I've completed a blood bowl team (or two - lol), painted marines/vehicles from three OTHER marine chapters (space sharks, raptors, and crimson fists), the beginnings of an orc & goblin horde, several warhammer quest characters, two necromunda gangs (spyrers and pit slaves) and the odd individual mini here or there - to say nothing of all the blood bowl, 40K and necromunda I've been playing!

One of my favourite things is to track my progress on the many projects I have going on (ongoing? ;-) ) and to that end I began to build up a page for each linked from a little box titled GWpertinent Forces.  So I invite you to check out my Novamarines Army Page - I recently updated it, compiling pictures from past blog posts as well as updating the painting chart for the new (and planned) recruits.  Being my first "new" marine army, and used in the Tale of 2HD Gamers competition also means it's the most fully fledged of all my armies - I've ever written an Index Astartes where I tried to combine all the smidgeons of information into something cohesive.  Doing this review I've had some more thoughts regarding it and think I can make it even better.  I've heard through the grapevine the FLoT Badab War playaid might be getting an update soon, with the new FW Badab books out I've had an idea to really settle the fluff down and make it really unique.

Some of the characters  are quite interesting and it's made me start writing new army lists using just Novamarines.  This is probably the most optimal I can make this army at 2000 points (lower points levels gives me more options with mixing & matching).  It might not seem like much, but with Blaylock, the terminators become scoring - meaning EVERY unit except for the dreadnought, drop pods and land speeder storm (if empty) is scoring. 8 scoring units!!  It has over 50 space marine infantry models, with over 20% of them having terminator armour.  Here's the list, 2000 points on the nose, I can put nothing on the table, using deep strike and outflank as required along with the drop pod assault.  I've sprinkled some locator beacons and teleport homers across the units to avoid as many deep strike mishaps as possible.

Mordaci Blaylock  195
Mahabala Durja 190

Terminator Squad (6) 245
* Heavy Flamer

Assault Terminator Squad (5) 200

Dreadnought (1) 150
* Drop pod w Locator Beacon

Tactical Squad (10) 215
* Flamer
* Missile Launcher
* Drop pod w Locator Beacon

Tactical Squad (10) 235
* Plasma Pistol/Teleport Homer
* Flamer
* Missile Launcher
* Drop pod

Scout Squad (5) 150
* Camo Cloaks/Sniper Rifles
* Sergeant Telion
* Missile Launcher

Scout Squad (5) 115
* Camo Cloaks/Bolters
* Combi-Flamer/Melta Bombs
* Heavy Bolter

Scout Squad (5) 130
* Camo Cloaks/Shotguns
* Power Fist/Teleport Homer

Scout Squad (5) 110
* Camo Cloaks/Bolt Pistol/CCW
* Power Sword/Melta Bombs

Land Speeder Storm (1) 65
* Multi-melta

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