Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Badab War HQ - Novamarines got some paint!

showed these guys off back in January, Blaylock on the left assembled only, and Durja on the right without banner and some details.  I've gotten Blaylock up to a similar level of tabletop suitability and done up the banner for Durja.   I haven't done any highlights except for some drybrushing on some of the marble effects, but I haven't done any highlights on the rest of the Novamarines so maybe it can just be something I do to the whole army when I get there (maybe it should say whenever..)
Blaylock (FW) & Durja (FLoT)
I've been definitely struggling with "batch" work of late, so a couple character models I can pick at and just paint what I want as I please have been helpful in feeling constructive.  I still want to do something more to Durjas force weapon, and I plan to paint some freehand on Blaylocks bare shouderpad.  I've based them so they look pretty close to done and I don't mind using them as much in games, but I can still work on them piecemeal.

ps. Blaylock allows your terminators to become scoring so I have plans for another terminator assault squad.  I have all the pieces except I need 3 more storm shields with the Novamarines chapter icon.  It looks like the icon I've used on top of Blaylock.  I have other storm shields I'd be happy to trade if anyone can help please get in touch.


Porky said...

I love the styling and colours on these guys - there's a strong classic feel. I'm wondering where you got the flail; it even looks a little like an old Epic titan tail.

Tristan said...

I've tried to incorporate some classic elements, like they both have the sgt arm or crux w diamond gem. libby gets blue, captain black, sgt red, colours I found in my RT book.

The flail is actually a hanging brazier, I know it's a citadel bit but not what it's from. It used to have a little tassel hanging and I obviously bent it into shape.

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