Tuesday, February 8, 2011

XTBBF Spike! semi-final game + FINALS matchup press release

My second playoff match in the XTBBF was Wednesday before last, at Dueling Grounds.  The match was against the (at the time) second placed team in the league.  I had a huge inducement advantage, and I took a couple of 200k cards, one only delayed the inevitable but the other (ZAP!) was quite helpful - turning his star quarterback into a frog!  I continue undefeated into the finals!

Semifinal vs. PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles. (2-1 win)

Last match of this season is the FINALS vs. the skaven team "Warpsburgh Lightning", coached by Anthony.  I didn't get a chance to play Anthony during the regular season, and his team is on a five game winning streak!  As with all the other playoff matches, our resident pundit "Otherdave" has written up a great press release for the final game.  Not certain about the rules during the playoffs but I think if possible I need to hire a couple more players as Anthony has 14 and I could see him fouling me enough that his speed will overcome my team.  It might end up giving him some inducement cash but I think it's a risk I'll have to take.  I can see myself spending 100k on an Igor too since his Rat Ogre has block (debatable who is scarier, "Crazytrain" the Rat Ogre with block or "dead Selmon II" the Mummy with block).

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