Wednesday, February 16, 2011

XTBBF Spike! FINALS result....

Final playoff match for this round was the Spike! final vs. Anthony and his Skaven.  Our pundit's prediction was 1-0 to the Skaven but it ended up being one of the best, most nerve wracking games ever!  It was also played on one of the guys new custom made pitch! Named the "Eagle's Nest" - it's the home pitch of his PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles, even though the away end is built for skaven ;)
Eagle's Nest pitch

Final vs. Warpsburgh Lightning. (3-2 loss)

All I can say is between myself and my star "dead" Jennings) AG4 ghoul we blew it!  I definitely feel like I had the game in the bag - I just kept killing rats and eventually he could only field 5 or 6 players at a time.  Jennings just buckled under the pressure, failing several 2+ with reroll dodges, failing at least 2 pickups and just being an overall failure instead of awesomesauce like he usually is.  I did make one mistake where a block I threw resulted in a push which impeded me and forced me to push Anthony's gutter into the end zone to score so he couldn't waste time, but I wouldn't have needed to if Jennings could've just picked up the ball on a 2+ with reroll!!  He was also the ONLY player on my team to succumb to sweltering heat after the first drive of the second half (a 1 roll again!!) - perhaps the skaven managed to bribe him??  It was so bad I considered cutting him after this game!
Anthony's Dead & Injured box
Regardless it was a super fun game - just look at how many rats I hurt!  Thinking back I might have shot myself in the foot as I spent 100K for an Igor being scared of failing my regen rolls (past couple games had been bad for that AND his Rat Ogre had block) which gave him enough for 2 bloodweiser babes which meant that he never had guys left in the KO bin.  Thinking back I should have just gone for the throat since it was the last game of the playoffs and "Crazytrain" was just a single model. Oh well, live and learn - hopefully this experience will make me a better coach.

Team rankings have been reset and I'm going to give the Dark Elves a run out tonight, need a bit of a break from the Undead since I plan to take them to every NAF tournament I participate in this year.

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