Friday, July 29, 2011

mini restoration

Interesting article by Ron @ FTW today about the Chaos Lord he restored for a client.

He mentions how it's more work restoring a model than starting from scratch, which in the case of the type of restoration he was working on, will probably always hold true.  However there are other types of restoration that you can do to your minis to ensure they don't languish in the case or on the shelf.

These "restorations" (and I use the term loosely) are usually of the much smaller variety.  Fixing a poor weapons combo choice, re-painting a choice piece of the fig you are unsatisfied with, perhaps re-basing the mini.

Example 1 - my Novamarines scout sergeant with combi-flamer
removed chainsword, added bolt pistol
I was actually putting together models before playing any games of 40K, mating a combi-weapon with a chainsword was overall a poor choice.  The chainsword doesn't really add anything since you can't get a second attack in CC anyways, at least a bolt pistol would allow me to fire once before assaulting (assuming I had already used the combi-flamer)

Example 2 - my Space Sharks captain with combi-plasma
removed combi-plasma/chainsword, added bolt pistol/power sword
Again an example of putting models together before considering their weapon implications.  I liked the thought of all my Space Sharks having chainswords since those are the images that spring to mind.  Arming your SM captain with a chainsword is a bit of a damp squib.  I updated him to have a power weapon and a simple bolt pistol for the additional attack.

I am contemplating doing a second update to this model as well - magnetizing the bolt pistol hand so I can swap in a plasma pistol so he can also count as Sicarius.  My thought is to do the same with the below example so the champion has the option of taking the combat shield with bolt pistol or plasma pistol as well!

Example 3 - my Space Sharks command squad champion
power sword painted
He's another quick example. This hardly needs a before/after shot, since for some reason I thought a plain white power weapon would look good??!?!  He looks a lots nicer now.  As mentioned above I am probably going to magnetize both his and the captains pistols so they can swap easily.

Example 4 - a Novamarines terminator turned heavy
added the IG sentinel missile launcher
Final example here.  Fortunately for me I used an extra AoBR terminator (from white dwarf) when originally making my "heavy" (heavy flamer) for this squad.  This meant I still had 4 terminators with storm bolter & power fist, so I just selected one and added the IG sentinel missile launcher to act as a cyclone, giving me two options for a heavy weapon (but unfortunately no longer the option of NOT taking a heavy weapon - oh well worst case it's 5 points for the heavy flamer)


RonSaikowski said...

Good point, I should have mentioned that the work I was doing was more of a complete overhaul and not a smaller scale replacement or sustitution.

The smaller changes can be just as effective depending on the condition of the model you start with.

Ron, From the Warp

Tristan said...

Actually I think the term is best used for your example. I guess nobody picked up on the play on words of my small (aka mini) restorations. ;-)

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