Friday, January 7, 2011

Space Hulk Terminators update

OK here's a nice healthy update with lots of pics - I admit the pics aren't the greatest and are just a single shot of each guy facing you so sometimes the details are hidden, but I promise once these guys are painted (not by me, similar to the Genestealers I'm going to find someone to paint my Flesh Tearers - I have too much backed up to be painted already and want them ready now!) I will take proper photos with multiple angles to really show them off.  They have all had a Flesh Tearers brass etch symbol on their shoulderpads and other pieces from the fw brass etch sheet are on there as well.  For their bases I have added detail on parts of the base but left the rest bare, mostly to make it easy for putting the bases on and off (oh wait did you think they weren't magnetized - hahahhaha) so I'm hoping that with the right kind of paint job, it can seem as if the area around the model is really dark & gloomy.  That's the dream anyways!  I even made some magnetized bases for the C.A.T. and Chalice. Comments and criticism welcome.

Let's start with the heavies shall we?

 A couple armed with storm bolters


more storm bolters


last couple storm bolter guys


woroxon said...

Nice looking already, where did you got the bitz.

jabberjabber said...

Good use of bits on the bases to sit flush against the terminators.

Tristan said...

the brass etch bits are from forgeworld. any other bits on the model are just SM bits. the stuff on the bases could be anything.

Donogh said...

Just shows that with a bit of imagination you can really add some nice detail to models - really looking forward to seeing how they paint up and suit the boards themselves

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