Thursday, September 22, 2011

a bunch of Flesh Tearers commission updates

Well, even though I haven't had time to post about it - that doesn't mean that Ric hasn't been hard at work!

Three updates have gone by since my last post about the terminators - time to pimp them a bit!  I have just included a single pic, but each "heading" is a link to his full blog post with multiple pics.

Deathwatch Apothecary
powerfist/standard apothecary backpack configuration
This guy comes with four different right arms (so far!); chain axe, hand flamer, infernus pistol, power fist and both a normal apothecary backpack and a jump pack.  This is beneficial both for my Flesh Tearers army and for games of Deathwatch (which we are supposed to do not this weekend or the next but the one after!)

Space Hulk Dead Terminator on Throne objective
I get the feelin Ric was bored this day ;)
For my Space Hulk objectives I mounted them all on square bases.  I also glued a magnet onto the arm of the  throne so the magnet in the cup would allow the cup to stick to this objective.

Completed Assault Squad (with meltaguns!)
now with 2 meltaguns!
The original five were the first things Ric painted, and just had 4 bolt pistol/ccw marines plus the power fist sergeant - now they are ready to blow up a vehicle first and then tear the occupants to shreds! The hazard stripes really make these guys pop!

Huge thanks to Ric!  He has shipped over the deathwatch apothecary so I can use him for RPGs, but the rest he's going to hold off shipping until we have found/purchased and settled in a house!  He plans to work on a Land Raider: Crusader next - looking forward to it!!!


Axtklinge said...

Those marines look great, and that dead marine on the throne (the objective) looks fantastic.
There's a game (Space Hulk) I would really like to try out if only my gaming group wasn't so 'inconstant'.
God knows the trouble I have to get into in order to complete with some degree of regularity a BBowl season...

Vitor said...

Nice fleshtearers ! I like the chevrons on the weapons!

Adventures with Peps said...

Got to say those flesh tearers look rather impressive! Also loving all the blood bowl posts from earlier. Wish I could find somewhere local to play.

Paul O'G said...

Loving that SM on throne fig from Sh - can I send him mine for similar attention? :-)

Tristan M said...

I'm sure you could Paul - I'm betting that the shipping would cost more than the job itself ;)

Deserter said...

Nice - I like the use of the older plastic Chaos powerfist, looks a bit meaner which works well for Flesh Tearers!

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