Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chaos Cup - Game 5

Game 5 saw me on table 17 pitted against Paul (pipeline of "BANG" infamy) and his Chaos team "69 Dudes!" who unfortunately had terrible luck during the game but we later had a great chat about my visit to the Chicago Art Institute on Friday (where he works as a network admin) which was really cool and interesting.

His roster was
2 Chaos Warriors w Mighty Blow
Chaos Warrior w Leader
Chaos Warrior
2 Beastmen w Block
Beastman w Frenzy
3 Beastmen

Same as all the previous posts my tweets are below. When my first block was double skulls I thought it was going to be painful for me but it turned around pretty quick. Pipeline took his licks with good sport and quick wit! Game ended 2-0 win and 1-1 CAS, netting me 62 tournament points.

Playing the infamous pipeline. double skulls for my first block :-@ not how I wanted to start day two.

War of attrition going OK, 1 chaos warrior and 1 beastman KO'd.

Averaging a KO per turn by turn four! #whutupshun

Quick progress upfield by the 69 Dudes! Turn 3 starts now.

Poor pipeline has nothing go his way, rerolls burned early and at least six pure skull or skull/chopblocks blocks.

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Axtklinge said...

That pic of the Chaos dugout is quite impressive!
2 CW and 2 Beasts KO'd - its like beating them in their own game!
You've even managed to Injure the prone counter and a D12!
BTW what did you used the D12 for?

Tristan said...

D12 was for throw a rock. I think I actually got 4 or more throw a rock kickoff results all tournament.

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