Monday, September 19, 2011

Chaos Cup 2011 is in the books!

Well it was a complete blast but the dust has settled. I'd like to thank Jonny P, Bryan aka "Xtreme", Jimmy Rufer and the rest of the Chaos Cup committee for throwing a very well run tournament. Be sure to start following JRufer if you're on twitter, he also posted a bunch of tweets during his games, and he's a hilarious dude!

Here's a pic of Jonny P on the Inquisition podium during registration. Doug my first opponent is standing there in the grey hoodie and the dude by the table in front came all the way from the Netherlands!
@ chicago battle bunker
Photos of the Chaos Cup swag! Khorne Flakes and the red dice were for pre-registration. I picked up some extra base sets for a few buddies (Paul @ The Man Cave and AbraxiS/Axt @ Merry Mayhem News)
coin, dugout, patch, 2x black d6s, 2x red d6s (pre-reg only)
pre-reg only, actually a box of cornflakes!
There was also a bunch of raffles throughout the two days. Most were funny junk the organizers obviously wanted rid of but lucky me scored one of the best prizes, a set of dice and a patch from the Headbangers Ball.
possible way to beat Glenn Jones - have him throw the game in exchange for these dice!
I also picked up some extra stuff, namely a set of dice & counters from zlurpeebowl 7, as well as the zlurpus zombling model and that also scored me a zlurpeebowl stress dice.

zlurpee 7-11 dice, save the crom dice, counters
picked up the little zombling in the middle
free for buying a certain amount of zlurpee swag

I'd also like to thank all of my opponents (Doug, Craig, Chris, Bobby, Paul and Chad) for great games and being great sports, as well as the awesome guys from the Madd Dawg crew (Tom, Sol, Ryan, Doug and Chris) and the Kalamazoo guys (Randy, Bo, Tim and Jeff) and especially Brian H or BCH on the zlurpee forums who split my room with me and was a total gent and great guy to room and hang out with for the weekend, thanks again bud!! Sorry if I have missed anyone!

Oh yea, and I picked up some Team USA world cup dice from Tom to support those guys, smart way to help fund the trip to Amsterdam!

Here's a list of the award winners, congratulations to these guys.  56 coaches in the running meant there was some stiff competition!  At least my only loss by more than one touchdown was the runner up!
1st; Frank
2nd; Craig
3rd; Aron
Most TDs; Tim
Least TDs; Matt
Most CAS; Bryan (Xtreme of Zlurpcast)
aww yea, Other Guy!  the original OG!
Best Sport; Mike G
Best Appearance; Jamie
Stunty Cup; Chance (from 3 Die Block)

Chance from 3DB, the other Other Guy - Drew taking pic in the mirror is pretty funny
Wooden Spoon; Mike

Jonny P also put together a fun photo scavenger hunt, I'm sure those pics will be up on the zlurpcast website soon. I'm even in one of them as "something from the 80's".
the skaven-ger photo hunt list
Even though I didn't really have time to participate I still had to get a pic with Main Guy!
aww yea, whutupshun!
Skaven-ger Hunt Winners; Kalamazoo Guys

Usually at two day tournaments I get a good day and a bad day. This was the first time my good and bad results were mixed up on both days, food for thought!

Finally this tournament just confirmed that Blood Bowl players are the best, great folks every one of them, thanks fellas! This pic is hilarious, DarkOrk20 giving flyingdingle the tongue, JP and Xtreme WHUTUPSHUN, Chance with his 3DB gang sign. Awesome!


eriochrome said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I got to spend 8 straight hours staining the play structure on sunday.

I get smacked around in a 10 person event so 50 would get we whipped up and down. I see several people in those photos who beat me at event. Matt way in the back used to regularly crush me in a league when he lived just down the road.

Did people talk about going to BW2?

Tristan said...

Which Matt? Vanderbeek?
Sorry I don't know which tournament BW2 refers to.

eriochrome said...

Matt Vanderby AKA Delevus.

BW2 was Buffalo Wild Wings. At the event here in Ann Arbor a few years ago they were asking me where the "BW2" was and I had no idea what they were talking about. Even once they told me I still did not know where a near on was.

Axtklinge said...

That looks like it was a LOT of FUN!
Oh, and kudos to you for the live twitting during "the action", letting us feel a bit more in there!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

WoW! Just WoW... Looks like it was all the fun had hoped for and wished. Awesome that you got to meet Always Hungry from 3DB and the Zlurpheads too! The bling looks totally sweet - No Nurgle King to go with the Khorne Flakes? :-)

I'm totally goblin-green with envy and thrilled for you mate!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Oh and thanks heaps for the goodies mate - the Lad will totally make a sacrifice to Nuffle on your behalf!

Tristan said...

Me, BCH, Chance and his buddy Drew had Nurgle King for breakfast Saturday. It wasn't pretty.

Tristan said...

Found out I finished 34th of 58 coaches. Squarely in the middle of the pack, as per usual!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Well middle of the pack is something to be proud of. BB is one of those games where you don't feel totally crushed being at the bottom either as its all good fun!

Randroid said...

34! Nice. I finished 42nd. Not bad for the ole' Nurgle.

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