Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chaos Cup - Game 6

For the last game I bounced back up to table 13 (possibly an omen) and played against Chad and his Chaos Dwarves (yay, another AV9 team!) who was the third from Rockford (they all had names starting with C strangely enough).

Additionally since it's the Chaos Cup everyone got two free mutations for unskilled 0-12 or 0-16 roster spots, and you got to wait to see who your opponent would be. I debated Claw but had not been throwing many blocks with my Zombies so in the end I plumped for Foul Appearance on both.

Here's his roster
2 Bull Centaurs w Block
2 Chaos Dwarves w Guard
2 Chaos Dwarves w Stand Firm
Chaos Dwarf w Leader
Chaos Dwarf
2 Hobgoblins w Pro
2 Hobgoblins w Extra Arms (his two free mutations)

Below are my tweets from the final game. Chad enjoyed using my pre-registration red dice and they rewarded him! My models refused to stay on the pitch and once knocked out wouldn't come back either! Pipeline had to leave after game five and my joke was he left me with his luck! Also kept joking about hiding the red dice from Chad ;-) Game ended 1-2 loss, 1-3 CAS and earned me 12 tournament points.

Final game, picked foul appearance for my two zombie mutations.

Skull/chopblock x2 = stunned mummy. D'oh!

Managed to squirrel my sure hands ghoul down right near his endzone from a tough position.

Pretty much best kickoff I could get, ball far in the corner and perfect defence! ** this turned out NOT to be the case as I tried to hold up his Bull Centaurs with my Mummies in the wide zones and ... (see next tweet) **

Looking likely the chaos dwarves will tie it up before halftime. BOTH mummies taken out in one turn :-(

Pulled off a magic move, dodge into 3 tackle zones and uphill blocked the bull centaur down with wrestle.

Followed quickly by failing a 3+ dodge with reroll. wah waaaaaaah.

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Looks like a great game filled with ups and downs a plenty!

Did you regret not taking claw in the end? Against Chaos Dwarves I would have been pretty tempted! Or did the Disturbing Presence work OK for you?

Tristan said...

I did because I lost my heavy hitters too quickly and then struggled to cause casualties. Foul Appearance worked twice all game, which for the number of times he blocked my zombies was better than 1 in 6. :/

Chad said...

I didn't know you were posting a blog, I just thought you were texting a friend telling him how you were doing. I REALLY liked using those red dice!

Axtklinge said...

It seems those dice were indeed very appreciated... at least by one of the sides!
Just out of curiosity, the mutations were chosen before or after knowing who the opponent would be?

Tristan said...

Hey Chad,
Yea I tweeted stuff live during the game and later compiled it into a blog post with some further information :)

We were able to see our opponents. The way Chad was rolling I could have chosen two heads and I don't think it would have changed the result much!!

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